Pilates is a gradual build up, a layering of understanding and strength, which is achieved over time. It is there to help you build on what you have to become the best you can be, and was not designed to be competitive, but rather therapeutic.

A great place to start learning Pilates is with the Matwork.

The STOTT Pilates Matwork is a repertoire of exercises made up of the Essential, Intermediate and Advanced Matwork.

Matwork is an opportunity to work the core (torso) muscles concentrically (the muscle developes tension whilst shortening to overcome resistance) and eccentrically (the muscles developes tension whilst lengthening to overcome resistance).

The basis of STOTT Pilates is the STOTT Pilates Five Basic Principles. These are taught at the beginning of your Pilates journey. These Basic Principles are extremely important, and are applied to every single exercise. Without these Principles you may as well just be moving your torso, arms and legs around aimlessly.

As the exercises are learned, the Matwork workouts are kept interesting by increasing the level and also by adding in various props.

Modifications are included in workouts to accommodate certain weaknesses, address specific injuries and body types, as well as to make an exercise more challenging.

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Essential Matwork

The Essential level Matwork exercises are important to master, as they are the foundation of the Stott Pilates repertoire, building knowledge and strength from the ground up. This is where you begin to learn, understand and apply the five basic Stott Pilates Principles, which are based on stabilization.

In the same way a tree needs a strong trunk to support it’s limbs and sway gracefully in the wind, the Essential Matwork Programme is designed to help you achieve, and maintain, core stability while at the same time balancing muscular strength and flexibility in the arms and legs and around the joints.

The Essential level Matwork exercises help you prevent injury, and allow you to move with greater ease, challenging strength and flexibility, creating a strong and healthy body, and gets you ready for more challenging exercises and activities to follow.

Intermediate Matwork

The Intermediate Matwork builds upon the basic concepts you learned at the Essential level. Not only do you start to work at a faster pace, but you will also focus on neuromuscular coordination, balance, mobility and movement sequencing. You will continue to apply the Five Basic Principles to ensure you get the best quality with every movement. You will be increasing challenge for maximum results, building strength and muscle tone.

Advanced Matwork

The Advanced exercises are challenging both physically and mentally, and complete the Stott Pilates Matwork Repertoire. The moves are designed to continue building on strength, flexibility, and neuromuscular coordination. It is an intense workout that will sculpt a lean, healthy body, and leave you feeling energized and pain-free. Focus on performing each exercise methodically and systematically with careful attention to breathing and form. The Advanced Matwork exercises allow you to achieve whole-body optimum fitness, by building strong, healthy core and peripheral muscles.

Matwork Props