About Pilates Classes

Everyone’s goals are different, and everyone does Pilates for different reasons.

You may have a back or a knee problem that needs strengthening.   You may enjoy  recreational horse riding, or be a part of a sports team, such as Polo or Polocrosse. Perhaps you want to improve your Golf swing or Tennis game? Maybe you are a keen Mountain Bike Cyclist wanting to improve your agility and alignment? Like most of us, you may just want to keep strong, fit and flexible, and have a pain free, mobile body. Pilates can help you improve all of this!! All ages of individuals are welcome, as well as both men and women.

All Students/Clients will be asked to complete an Exercise and Health status Questionnaire before starting any Class. The Exercise and Health status Questionnaire gives a clear picture of your goals and highlights any concerns that may need to be addressed. Should a letter be required from your doctor prior to exercising, you will kindly be asked to bring that along.

All Sessions/Classes, be they Private, Semi-Private or a Group, may consist of any combination, that is, any combination of Matwork, Props, and/or Equipment. For example, some Sessions/Classes are solely made up of using a single piece of Equipment or Matwork.  Your Instructor will decided on what is most appropriate to your Individual or Group needs.  Those new to the Pilates method will most certainly start with the Matwork, the foundation.

“We must become the change we want to see” – Gandhi

Ingrid on the Reformer

Private (one-on-one) Sessions/Classes

Private Sessions/Classes target individual needs and are great for individuals with pathologies or recovering from specific injuries. A programme will be put together to address your specific concerns. It is also a great environment for you to move at your own pace without the concerns of others. For a long time Pilates was taught one-on-one, almost exclusively.

Semi-Private (two students and the instructor) Sessions/Classes

Popular with friends, husbands and wives, and mums and daughters. A great way to share time together. These sessions are also fantastic for two individuals who have similar needs and goals.

Group Sessions/Classes

Enjoyed amongst those who like to exercise with others and enjoy the buzz of being together. It can be a lot of fun!

Most often clients attending Group Sessions/Classes are those that enjoy a well rounded workout and are free from any serious injuries and pathologies that might otherwise stop them joining a group class. Group Sessions/Classes are also wonderful for sports teams training toward a specific goal.

Anyone new to Pilates and wanting to attend Group Sessions/Classes will be asked to do a series of Private Sessions/Classes before entering the Group Class, unless of course it is a new Beginners Class they are entering and everyone is starting at the beginning. The series of individual sessions simply enable the individual to learn the basic principles and the necessary exercises to get them to the same level of knowledge and understanding of exercises as the other participants in the class.

The same applies to anyone who has injuries or has not been consistent with Classes/Sessions. It may be necessary for them to attend Private Sessions before entering a Group Class.

Clients/Students with injuries may be requested to bring a letter along from the professional treating them. Where necessary the Instructor will work with the Professional ensuring that safety comes first.

All sessions are by appointment only. Classes last fifty five minutes long and are conducted at the Studio.