Ingrid Puffett

Ingrid has always had an interest in the human body.  Initially qualifying as a Health & Beauty Therapist, she moved onto training to become a Group Fitness Instructor, obtaining an Aerobics & Step Aerobics Instructors Diploma through the International Institute for Fitness Training: South Africa.

Realising her interest was very strongly based on the movement of the human body she wanted to learn more and in 2004 trained to become a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, through Premier Training International, a UK based company.  Ingrid did her actual training in Cyprus.

With the background of her Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, Pilates was a natural progression.  In 2005 Ingrid completed her first Pilates course in Johannesburg, South Africa, but was not totally taken by Pilates.

A Journey Begins

It was only after various injuries and undergoing surgery on both knees due to overuse that Ingrid realised she had to take a step back from hard, high impact exercise, and reconsider the way forward.  This is what got Ingrid seriously into Pilates.

Ingrid Puffett Fully Certified Stott Pilates Instructor

Ingrid Puffett – Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Ingrid Puffett Star

 Pilates has totally transformed Ingrid’s outlook on exercise.

Since completing her first STOTT PILATES® course in 2008 Ingrid has never looked back.  In 2013 Ingrid completed and qualified as a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor.  Every year she continues to attend more courses and workshops, keeping her up to date with the continual changes.  She has since also qualified as a ZEN•GA and Total Barre Instructor.

Ingrid expresses her enthusiasm and dedication for Pilates by saying; “Pilates is a journey, a lifetime journey”.

Ingrid’s spirit for Pilates is contagious and she is totally committed and dedicated to helping people with whatever injuries, postural types, pathologies and goals they may have, to be the best they can be.