I still can’t believe my daily back pain is gone and it’s all owed to you and Pilates.
Krista van Zyl, Lilayi
At sixty-nine I discovered Pilates with Ingrid. Now, approaching my 70th birthday, I have gained 1cm in height, lost 6Kg in weight, feel ten years younger with a lovely straight. strong spine and flexible painfree knees! What more can I say? Except thank you forever Ingrid!
B.D. Lusaka
At the age of 41, I discovered that I had a chronic back problem which probably dated back until I was a child. Luckily discovering what was wrong with my back coincided with Ingrid becoming a Pilates Instructor. I had done Personal Training with her previously. For over four years now I have been doing Pilates; I try to go to two classes a week with Ingrid and in between, do Pilates exercises at home for about 20 minutes a day. It has made a huge difference to my back; if I ever don’t manage to do exercises for a few days, I immediately feel the difference. The last time I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon, he was surprised that I was not in more pain with my back. Ingrid has been such a professional, careful and inspirational trainer; her rehabilitation knowledge makes sure that she accommodates any personal limitations (in my case, my back). She has taught me that there is always a new goal in Pilates; it is not an exercise that you can ever feel complacent about – there are always new levels to reach and fun ways to get there. I literally cannot imagine not doing Pilates now – and I love Ingrid’s classes. A new dimension to them has been her purchase of a reformer; lessons on this are hard to beat. And my fifteen year old daughter, who also has a chronic back problem, has now joined the classes and we love doing Pilates together either in the classes or at home. I wish I had started doing Pilates when I was 15!!”
Ginny Bond, Lilayi
I have known Ingrid for a long time and have done various different types of exercise with her at her studio and have watched the studio grow from strength to strength not only in equipment but her knowledge of the body. Ingrid has helped me so much with Pilates to get my mobility, balance and confidence back after a near fatal event in 2008. With all the help, perseverance and kindness Ingrid has given me, I can look back and reflect on what I have achieved over the years, and will achieve over the forth coming years. Thank-you.
Nicky Henderson, Lusaka
“Just do Pilates with Ingrid and realise how privileged you are.”
M.C.G. , The other side of town
“I had heard so much about Pilates classes run by Ingrid from two of my friends whom I usually walk with.
They have seen me struggle with my lower back and achilles injuries and kept telling me I needed to take up pilates.
Ingrid got in touch and I started about a year ago and have never looked back.
When I walked into the studio I was so intimidated by the machines, the fit instructor and my fellow clients who seemed to do the exercises with such ease. I was SO wrong to be intimidated as Ingrid is the warmest, kindest, most gentle, patient, caring instructor I have ever had!
I remember going into class with so much pain in my lower back and achilles but with the pilates I do not suffer from those aches. It has helped me get stronger, better with each exercise that we do.
I have come such a long way in this past year. I always thought exercise had to be lots of reps and intense jumping but I have come to realize that is not the case. I still sweat and get breathless despite them being low impact exercises. I now am more conscious of the fact that every move being executed involves lots of mental awareness with regards to breathing correctly, proper posture alignment and not just mindless reps! Trust me even 6 reps are hard work as i am doing them correctly!I am more conscious of my posture and standing taller with shoulders away from the ears! I could barely sit up straight or do the hundred ab workout and now i have improved in leaps and bounds.
I love Stott Pilates and literally look forward to it with a spring in my step on Pilates days!
I cannot stress enough how wonderful Ingrid is as an instructor and we are so fortunate and blessed to have her as an instructor.
The studio is so stunningly beautiful with the best view ever to have as you exercise”.
Najma Sheikh, Lilayi
“Pilates has been part of my life for the past three years. I had a lower back problem, which is all in the past, as Ingrid has taught me how to use my abs which protects ones spine, my posture has improved and I have toned muscles.
I look forward to each class as Ingrid is so inspirational and fun, her studio has a happy feeling when one arrives and departs, we are so lucky to be able to go to Pilates with a View and have Ingrid as our teacher .”
Margs, Chilanga
“With your expertise, advice, and encouragement I managed to complete the London to Brighton 100Km Challenge and the Elephant Epic 80Km Cycle this year. ” Thank you Ingrid for helping me get stronger than I ever have been!”
Ruth Puffett, Chilanga
I was all crocked up, Could hardly waddle,

In the mountains I yearned to ski

In Pilates with a View I decided to dabble

And with Ingrid I was soon free

Of aches and pains which were so painful

Stiff as a fiddle I had been

So off I did go and oh so cheerful

On the mountain slopes to be

Thrilling, swishing, and feeling so supple

And especially bending ze kneez

So here I can say Pilates is great

Thanking you for the glee

A.M. , Lilayi
Pilates and all that it encompasses is fantastic. Ingrid is a Fully Certified Instructor, and her expertise and knowledge of the philosophy of Pilates ensures you achieve the refinement of body and mind. Pilates has helped me to improve my overall strength, muscle tone, posture, flexibility and general wellbeing. I have been benefitting as a client for just over two years now and am still excited about each class. The studio has a wide range of equipment, offering a highly effective and comprehensive workout. I highly recommend Pilates to anyone who is wanting to get fit and toned. Pilates with a View is a special studio comprised of very special people. Thank you Ingrid for changing my life and for being part of my journey.”
Les Stobart, Lilayi